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Item #566-KP7

Nebo Wireless Device, USB Hub & Power Supply

For: mailstation™, mailstation 2™, DM100i™ DM125™


  • Microwave radio replaces the wire that normally runs from the phone jack to your computer
  • Works with the dial-up modem already installed on your PC
  • Uses 900 Mhz FM cordless phone technology
  • No batteries needed. Remote unit powered through USB connection
  • Works up to 300' from your phone jack
  • Allows you to move your equipment freely about your home or office
  • Great for PCs, fax machines or for downloading (postage, envelope ads, rates, etc.) to your Pitney Bowes meter or mailing system.

This unit does not work with a telephone for placing and receiving voice calls. It has been designed to work with the dial-up modem for your computer, mailing system, fax machine or any other electronic device needing internet access. Pitney Bowes recommends using a USB hub to improve performance when using this product with your mailing system.

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